About Us

IFA Capital is a leading global capital raising firm with offices in Singapore, Taipei, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Seoul and Cayman.

IFA Capital specializes in raising capital for private companies by selling the company’s equities,bonds and other form of securities in the secondary market in collaboration with their strategic partners.

Our extremely experienced and capable team is confident of helping quality companies achieve their capital raising goals. In IFA Capital’s formula, it is crucial that our success hinges on your success. Our goal is to form a mutually beneficial partnership where our interests are aligned with those of our valued clients.

IFA Capital and its strategic partners are experienced corporate lawyers, international corporate finance experts, stock exchange experts and experienced financiers. IFA Capital has decades of experience on international corporate finance and investment banking experience and has aligned itself with the best and brightest in the fund raising business including fund managers, underwriters, private equity and venture capital firms, banks, CPA firms and broker-dealers, giving you all the relationships you need for success.

Our Associates

1. Boyuan Capital


2. Marks Paneth