Initial Public Offering (IPO)

An initial public offering (IPO) allows your company to raise money by selling shares to the general public through an offering subject to an approved public offering prospectus. We have close relationships with underwriters and licensed brokerage firms as well as investor contacts to maximize the success of your initial public offering.

We assist companies to conduct IPOs on several major stock exchanges. Common stock public offerings can be custom structured to the specifications that are right for your company.

We also conduct pre IPO private placement offerings, for companies that want to raise capital and strengthen their financial position before conducting an IPO, thus achieving a higher IPO valuation.

Our strength lies in our ability to assist good companies to raise capital in a pre IPO private placement offering, typically via a preferred stock offering to institutional investors, and followed by an IPO on the stock exchange when the company is ready.

Cross Border Listing

IFA Capital work across both industry groups and countries to ensure our clients have the best team working on their transactions at all times. This strong global presence ensures we are able to successfully complete complex cross-border transactions for our clients in Asia and throughout the world.

Some of the advantages to cross border listing include having shares trade in multiple time zones and in multiple currencies. This gives issuing companies more liquidity and a greater ability to raise capital.  Cross border listings play an increasingly important and valuable role for companies and investors in an ever more global economy and they do promote the capital mobility and strategic flexibility for companies.

We diligently study our valued client’s operations, market focus and growth strategy, and work with clients to identify the target market to IPO, so as to get the best valuation and maximise the fund raising through IPO.

Markets that we deal with in our cross border listing work:

US              (Nasdaq, Dow)

UK              (FTSE, AIM)londonstock-exchangeasx

Frankfurt    (DAX)

S Korea       (KOSPI, KOSDAQ)

Taiwan         (TWSE, GTSM)

Australia      (ASX, APX)

Hong Kong  (Hang Seng)